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Air Cooler Heat Exchanger



   Air coolers are heat exchangers which the process fluid cools with airflow. In these exchangers, hot fluid is distributed within a series of tubes that are arranged horizontally. The outer sides of these tubes are equipped with a fin to increase the heat transfer surface between vapors and cool air. These heat exchangers are cross-current or co-current based on flow profile, which the required air flow is provided by a fan. Induced Air coolers are those that the fans stay above the bundles otherwise will called as Forced Air Coolers. On the same air flow distribution, the Induced types has more efficiency, the other important fact about these exchangers is that water plays no role and will reduce the cost by itself. Air coolers are used in many units such as Amine, PTA, MTBE, EDC / VCN.

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

Air cooled heat exchangers can be a good choice when cooling water is not available. Shegeftafzar can design and build Air Cooled Heat Exchangers and Condensers customized for each application.


Design Expertise

  • Shop-fabricated - each exchanger bay can be offered completely assembled and tested before shipping to ensure product quality and ease of installation
  • Forced draft or induced draft, vertical and horizontal designs
  • Control and freeze protection can be included by using variable frequency drive fans, automatic louvers, variable pitch fans, vibration safety controls, temperature controls, programmable logic, local or remote instrumentation and control panels
  • Equipment for engineering and construction firms, refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, power generation and other related industries


  • Fabrication and design typically to ASME, API, AWS, ASTM, Seismic Codes, and other specifications.
  • Highly skilled manufacturing technicians and ASME Code Welder craftsmen.
  • ASME Code U and R Stamps
  • Standard materials are carbon steel or stainless steel tubes with aluminum fins. Other tube, header and fin materials are available for special applications.
  • Experienced meeting stringent Quality requirements and customer specifications such as for Refinery applications.
  • Can furnish as a Complete System Package with control panel, instrumentation and controls, and auxiliary equipment.

Typical Applications

  • Steam Turbine Exhaust
  • Air and Gas Compressors
  • Waste Heat Recovery
  • Hydrocarbon process and steam condensers
  • Gas Turbines & Diesel Engines
  • Turbine lube oil coolers and Turbine intercoolers
  • Natural gas and vapor coolers
  • Other applications available