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Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

We designmanufacture and service shell and tube heat exchangers to suit your needs. These consist of a shell with a bundle of tubes inside it. One fluid runs through the tubes, and another fluid flows over the tubes to transfer heat between the two fluids. The tube bundle may be composed of several types of tubes. With a long and proven pedigree in heat exchange technology, our expertise and experience has gained the confidence and trust of world-leading businesses across all industry sectors. We supply shell and tube heat exchangers to OEM but also to end-users particularly in the oil and gaschemical  and power generation industry sectors.


   Shell and tube heat exchangers are one of the most conventional types in many industries. These Heat Exchangers consist of three major sections:

1. Two Heads, include a Rear Head and a Stationary Head on both sides of the Heat Exchangers.

2. Shell

3. Tube

In this Heat Exchangers, one of the fluids, exchanges heat, flows inside the tube and the other fluid flows inside the shell. In this type, the heat transfer surface is metallic tube. So as we increase the tubes, the heat transfer will increased, too. But the diameter of the Heat Exchangers will also be increase. Based on the TEMA, one of the most important international standards in the field of construction, the other parts of this heat exchanger is as follows; Baffle, Tie rad, Spacer and etc.

One of the reasons of using this type of heat exchanger is its ease of maintenance, and it is the only device that can operate at temperatures more than of 360°C and a pressure of more than 30 bar. The shell & tube membranes are divided into three categories based on the difference in the rear head and is as follows:

1. Fixed tube sheet

2. U-type

3. Floating head



We design heat exchangers from
1st principal for most industrial applications

Great heat exchange solutions start with an idea. Our expertise is to turn that idea into reality. At shegeftafzar Technology, we design and manufacture heat exchangers from first principle for most of industrial applications.

The first step in creating the perfectly designed equipment is to learn more about your business and your heat exchange requirements. We often collaborate with our customers and partners at the earliest stages of a project or product development. Applications that push heat exchange beyond conventional limits have become commonplace and occasionally has led us to develop new products to meet the challenge.

Once we understand the challenges you face, we can start satisfying your needs. We use an extensive range of software tools and configurators, which is a powerful resource that is introduced throughout the sales and development process.

We work to:

  • all the usual design codes including ASME VIII, BS5500, API 12, API 560, TEMA and CODAP,
  • the major manufacturing specifications and rules including NORSOK, BV, DNV, Lloyd’s Register and NKK.

In the modern era, with our clients producing new and exciting products, we are pleased to offer innovative solutions to support both manufacturing process and integration into final products.

Don’t lose time, contact us to discuss your needs.